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Led by Creative Director and Owner, Joseph Lewis, Mosaic Collective offers a range of print and online design services.

With over eight years experience running his own design business and thirteen years working across a range of design, advertising and print agencies, Joseph has a wealth of both creative and technical experience. In today's world of electronic publishing it’s a rare thing to find a designer with sound print knowledge. Design work for print may look marvellous on screen but without the right print knowledge you can end up with a disaster on paper.

“Executed correctly, a beautiful design combined with the right texture and weight of paper and fresh ink is one of my favourite things in the world!”

Mosaic’s portfolio of clients represents a variety of large and small businesses in government, large editorial publications, manufacturing, retail, career consultancy, IT and the financial sector. But we’re not limiting ourselves to just those! The Arts and Travel/Environment are two sectors Mosaic is growing with a sense of excitement.

Each time you contact us you can be confident that you’re talking to someone who knows all the details of your job. Unlike larger agencies, you know that the person who sits down to discuss the project with you will most likely be the one designing and producing it for you.

At Mosaic we don’t work to design templates. Instead, Mosaic offers individual and creative solutions to individual design challenges.

To discuss your project or to have your questions answered get in touch with us now.


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